The secrets to a successful eNewsletter

The secrets to a successful eNewsletter

How to make a successful eNewsletter

Three questions to ask before we begin.

  1. Do you subscribe to any newsletters?
  2. If so do you like to receive them?
  3. What do you like about your favourite newsletter?

Some people believe that a newsletter is the strongest marketing and business tool bar none. A newsletter is a way of communicating with a large audience all in one go.

According to a study by Yankelovich in 2007, people are bombarded with over 5000 different marketing messages every day. From billboards, posters, brochures, television/radio adverts, emails to social media and more – it’s non-stop!

The good news is that eNewsletters are a simple and cost effective way to cut through the clutter and are a powerful marketing tool.

We have produced a ‘How to make a successful eNewsletter’ digital toolbox which consists of a recorded webinar which explains the secret hints and tips to generating successful profit-producing newsletters.

To get your hands on the digital toolbox, simply click the ‘The secrets to a successful eNewsletter eSurvey‘ link below or the Big Blue Button below and answer a 60 second eSurvey.

The secrets to a successful eNewsletter eSurvey

Once you have submitted your answers you will get your hands on the good stuff!

PADI Discover SCUBA Diving on UK television!

PADI Discover SCUBA Diving and weddings!

SCUBA diving on the BBC!

Have you ever heard of the BBC program ‘Don’t Tell the Bride‘? This is a television series, with viewing figures of 1 million people per episodes, where the must choose and organise every detail of his wedding with hilarious consequences!

In an episode which goes out on BBC at 21:00 BST (09.10.12), Ian (the groom) has a crazy underwater plan and decides to add SCUBA diving to his wedding day. Make sure you watch to find out whether he manages to get Hayley (the bride) underwater or if he is left high and dry! To find out more about the episode click the ‘Discover SCUBA Diving and Don’t Tell the Bride‘ link.

Mark Murphy and his team at Oyster Diving ( were responsible for making all of this possible and as you will find out, SCUBA diving is definitely not what Hayley was expecting for her wedding day! To ‘wet’ your appetite Mark has given me some photos which can be viewed by clicking the Big Blue Button below!

If you are in the UK, the funny episode is available to on demand until 23/10/12 by clicking this ‘SCUBA diving and a wedding underwater‘ link or the Big Blue Button below. I was nervous for Ian all the way though and there were a lot ‘they better not be getting married in a swimming pool!’.

Watch this video

Mark gave the lucky couple a pair of PADI Open Water Diver eLearning Gift Passes as a wedding present. The eLearning Gift Pass certificate design is now available for download and can be fully customised with your business name, logo, customer name, type of gift pass etc. If you would like a copy of this please email me on so I can send it to you.

Not only that but we have also created an email template which will help you promote the PADI Discover SCUBA Diving and Open Water Diver courses specifically to couples who are getting married. To view and download a copy of this template click the ‘SCUBA diving promotion to engaged couples email template‘ link.

500,000 fans for the PADI Facebook Fan page

500,000 fans on the PADI Facebook page

Are you a fan of PADI?

On 2nd October 2012 the PADI Facebook fan page smashed through the 500,000 barrier and we would like to say thank you to you as a PADI member for making this possible. If you are not fan of the page yet you can ‘like it’ buy clicking on the ‘PADI Facebook Fan page‘ link.

It is a great way to see what is going on in the PADI world and get some new ideas about how to engage with your own customers and inspire them to do more diving.

The aim of the page is to keep diving at the forefront of people’s minds and engage with them so that the pictures and links appear on their timelines to inspire their non-diving friends and family members to try SCUBA diving.

Do you use Facebook for your own diving business? Facebook can be used to engage your existing divers and find new customers by posting comments, making events and tagging photos.

Need help with your Social Media?

If you are unsure about this and/or would like help to set up and/or optimise your social media presence you can contact John Carlin (, Terry Johnson ( or James Rogers (

‘How to Guide’ for customised eReceipts

Here is your eReceipt

How to make ‘Apple’ style eReceipts!

In one of my previous articles, the ‘The eReceipt revolution is coming – are you ready?‘, I wrote about the biggest revolution for shoppers since the invention of customer loyalty cards and what positive impacts it could have on your business.

In the September 2012 EVE User Group Webinar we  showed how to customise printed receipts and set up/use eReceipts. This can be viewed by clicking the ‘The importance of customising and using both receipts & eReceipts‘ link.

Some questions were raised in this webinar about how to customise the email template that is sent out with the eReceipt so we recorded a special bonus ‘How to Guide’ to set up a customised eReceipt email template using EVE‘ which can be viewed by clicking the previous link or the Big Blue Button below.

Watch this video NOW!

Not only that BUT we have also made a brand new eReceipt email template which can also be used by non-EVE users. To download this email template click the ‘Email template to be sent with attached eReceipt‘. Christmas has come early! If you have any trouble downloading and/or customising the template please don’t hesitate to contact me on

ScubaFest 2012 event report

PADI at ScubaFest 2012

Tec meets Rec in Anglesey

On the 8th and 9th September 2012, PADI attended the SITA (Scuba Industry Trade Association) event in Anglesey in North Wales. James Rogers (PADI Director for UK Business) and Simon Chance (PADI Manager, Retail and Resort Association) attended ScubaFest 2012 to help promote UK diving. The event also attracted a variety of divers from around the UK including deep divers and many recreational divers who haven’t yet enjoyed UK diving.

For those of you not familiar with North Wales, this is a wreck divers dream! It boasts over 200 wrecks to dive which is partly due to the sheer volume of shipping in the 19th century that passed through these waters on their to Liverpool who unfortunately didn’t manage to complete their journey. It does however provide adventurous dive sites for well trained and responsible SCUBA divers to explore.

ScubaFest was a celebration of all the things that great about the UK SCUBA diving scene. The activities ranged from wreck diving, try dive swimming pool experiences with PADI conducting the PADI Discover Scuba Diving, Discover Sidemount and Discover Rebreather courses. There were also beach cleanups, a hog roast, live music and even face painting for the kids.

The attendance was impressive with over 250 people taking part so watch out for these events in the future as there is something for everyone to enjoy! To see the pictures taken at the event click on the ‘ScubaFest 2012 photos‘ link or click the Big Blue Button below.

ScubaFest 2012 photos

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