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The secrets to a successful eNewsletter

How to make a successful eNewsletter Three questions to ask before we begin. Do you subscribe to any newsletters? If so do you like to receive them? What do you like about your favourite newsletter? Some people believe that a newsletter is the strongest marketing and business tool bar none. A newsletter is a way of communicating […]

The eReceipt revolution is coming – are you ready?

Twenty retailers in the London’s West End are about to trial the use of eReceipts in what is being hailed as the biggest revolution for shoppers since the invention of customer loyalty cards. eReceipts are coming… are YOU ready to use them as part of your business strategy?   Paper versus electronic receipts… As consumers we […]

Learn how to download/use the new email templates

… to promote your courses and diving business We have been busy building an email template library for you use which be found by clicking the ‘Email Template Library‘ link. This library contains all sorts of different email templates you can use/adapt to promote your PADI SCUBA diving courses, trips and/or equipment sales. Now quite […]

Get the new email templates now!

Check out the new email templates for… …promoting children’s SCUBA diving courses. Kevin Craddock of Flippas-N-Fins asked if I could make him some email templates to promote the PADI Seal Team to the parents of children who had completed the PADI Bubblemaker course. Click the link below to have a look and/or download them for […]

Trust, Facebook and making more sales

How many friends do you have on Facebook? Well the average number according to a recent study is 229 but why should you care about this? Well modern diving businesses are using social networks successfully to attract new customers and I wanted to find out why. According to research from Pew Internet, Facebook users are […]

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